How did Uyayna bin Hisn the leader of Ghatafans become a Muslim?

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Uyayna b. Hisn was the leader of Ghatafans. The fact that the light of Islam was spreading brightly day by day made him think about it. Once he heard the following from an important person:

“O Uyayna! Will you not give up this narrow-mindedness? Muhammad is conquering countries one after another; you are busy with other things. You saw what happened to Sons of Nadr, to Sons of Qurayza on the day of Khandaq, to Sons of Qaynuqa before that and then to the people of Khaybar. They were among the best and strongest Jews of Hejaz.”

Uyayna confirmed the man: “Yes! They took place exactly.”

Eventually, he went to Madinah in the 8th year of the migration just before the conquest of Makkah and became a Muslim. (Tabari, Tarikh, Vol. 3, p. 99; Ibn Athir, Usdu’l Ghaba, Vol. 4, p. 166-167.)

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