Why was Hz. Lut’s wife destroyed?

The Answer

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Hz. Lut’s wife, Wahila, did not actually believe in Lut (Lot). She said she believed but she hid her unbelief.   

The relationship of husband and wife between them and the high rank of being a prophet’s wife had no significance in the struggle between belief and unbelief at a certain point. 

Unbelief cuts off all relationships. The bond of marriage, which is the strongest bond, remains ineffective.

Thus, everybody is tested in this world. As a matter of fact, Hz. Nuh’s wife, Waila, betrayed Hz. Nuh; though she lived in the house of a prophet, she remained an unbeliever until her death and died as an unbeliever.  

In fact, both of them were in a great boon that would enable them to attain happiness in both the world and the hereafter. They were wives of two beloved prophets of Allah. However, they missed this boon due to their betrayal.

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