Why does old age exist? Would it not be better if there was no old age?

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Why does old age exist? Would it not be better if there was no old age?
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- Such questions are asked one after another. Why does youth exist? I wish people always stayed as children. Why does childhood exist? I wish people were like 20 year-old boys in two days. I wish people were created directly from the soil like Adam instead of birth as a baby from the mother’s womb, etc. 

Such questionsare the considerations stimulated by the delusion of people. They may seem to be innocent, –even if without the consciousness of faith- but in fact, behind the sensual impulses, they lead to the criticism of an issue which is regarded as appropriate by Allah, who has infinite knowledge, wisdom, mercy and power.

For this reason, we should not let such delusions affect our mind. It means we play into the hands of delusion’s power which is both the receiving and transmitting ear and tongue of the devil disguised behind the veil of researching wisdom. For, it is possible that there is a risk of not being satisfied with the given answer. Or after that, another question may come to the mind. Therefore,as a general principle, we think that it is better not to care such questions that come to mind.

As for the real answer to the problem, 

- Old age is a sign of liveliness. Considering that even the nails of people always grow, it is not possible for the other parts of their body not to grow. That is, first of all, Allah’s law of life and birth are in effect. Every living thing develops, grows up in a certain period, grows old, wilts like a rose and dies.

- Old age is a fact reminds death. Old age is a sign of Allah’s infinite power and will. Although man eats the same food and he is also fed better, the aging of man shows us the choice/will of Allah. Thus,apparent causes actually have nofunctions. It is “Allah” who creates, brings up, feeds and ages people and makes them strong or weak.

- In terms of the test of religion, old age is an opportunity given to people. It reminds people the mortality of the world of and the migration to the hereafter through death and motivates people to worship more.

- Although the biological power of people weakens at old age, his spiritual, mental and hearth faculties will increase. This will enable people to follow the right route.

- Since old age shows the troubles of the world, it soothes the grief of death for both the dead and his relatives. Moreover, both sides sometimes become happy with the death of old people.

- Those who make use of these opportunities given through old age gain extra rewards and the points of those who cannot make use of these opportunities are decreased.   

The advice given by the following hadith points to this wisdom of old age: “The worst person among the old people is the one who resembles young people by pursuing his desires and ambitions. The best person among the young people is the one who resembles the old by acting prudently.“ Munawi, (Faydu’l-Qadir, 3/487)

 - The following hadith states that old people along with the other weak people are a means of abundance for the community: “You are helped and given sustenance because of the weak among you.” (Bukhari, Jihad, 76)  

- “Respect for old people comes from respect to Allah.” (Abu Dawud, Adab, 20) The hadith above shows from which source the roots of respect for old people come.

You may handle the subject from this point of view and increase the number of examples. And it is possible to reach the wisdom of old age by using the steps of the stairs like those ones.

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