Why can we not eat an amphibious animal?

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Why can we not eat an amphibious animal?
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Maliki school does not regard any sea animal as an exception whereas Hanbali scholar considers eel (snakefish) a malignant creature and Shafi’i school considers eating amphibious animals’ meat such as frog, crab or crocodile is haram.

According to Hanafi school, eating sea animals that are not in the shape of a fish is considered haram. That means every kind of fish which always live in the water is edible. Turbot, carp, dolphin, eel are among them. However, other sea creatures are not acceptable as hala to eat. Eating mussel, oyster, lobster or crab is not considered as halal but haram.

Based on these principles, sea creatures like mussels or oysters are edible according to Shafi’i, Maliki and Hanbali sects whereas inedible according to Hanafi school. The reason why Hanafi school considers it as haram is that these creatures are unpleasant, ugly and dirty with either in their appearance or with their edible parts. 

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