Who was the Wailing Wall built by? Can you give information about the Wailing Wall?

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Who was the Wailing Wall built by? Can you give information about the Wailing Wall?
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Hz. Sulaiman (pbuh) was a magnificent and majestic prophet. His kingdom included the whole land of Palestine and Jordan and some part of Syria. Among the works of Hz. Sulayman, the most important buildings were the ones that he built to defend his country. The bulwarks built in the important places for the dispatch of soldiers were important. 

The most important work of Hz. Sulayman was the Temple he built on Mount Zion.  During the era of his father, Hz. Dawud, (David) (pbuh), there was only a tent there; and the Ark of the Testimony was put in it. Today, only one part of the foundations of Sulayman's Temple exists. The wall called the Wailing Wall is that part of the foundations of the Temple. (Osman CİLACI, Şamil Islam Ansiklopedisi)

The Children of Israel were punished by God Almighty like many other nations in history because they did not appreciate the bounties given to them. It is not easy for an understanding that showed ingratitude toward the quail and manna sent down to them directly to appreciate bounties from trees. In fact, ingratitude is valid not only for the Children of Israel but for all human beings, that is, for all of us.

As it is stated in the Quran, the Children of Israel rebelled against God Almighty; they unjustly killed the prophets that were sent to them and that wanted nothing but good things for them. Invasions, massacres and exiles started as punishment. The palaces and temples that had been built for a lot of money were plundered and burnt down. After the invasion, they cooperated with the invaders against the religion. When they tried to assassinate Jesus, the two thousand-year exile started.

It is reported that the last temple demolished by the Romans had been built by the rich except one wall built by the poor. The Romans left only one wall when they demolished the Temple probably to show what they had demolished; and that wall turned out to be wall built by the poor: the Wailing Wall, the famous wall that remained as a dump of the Christians up to the era of Ottoman Sultan Selim I. (Hasan GÜNEŞ)

The History of the Wailing Wall According to the Old Testament:

When Pharaoh and his army was drowned in the Red Sea and could not follow Moses and the Jews, Moses took the Jews to Sinai. There, on the Mount Sinai, Moses was given the Torah and the Ten Commandments. The Jews wandered in the Sinai Desert for forty years. After Moses, Joshua took them to Palestine.  (Exodus, Chapters VII-XL; Joshua, Chapter I-XXIV) After the era of Judges and Kings in Palestine, King David (1013-973 B.C.) conquered Jerusalem and the brightest era of Jews started. (see II. Samuel, chapters V-IX) His son, King Shelomo (Hz. Sulayman, 973-933 B.C.) built the Holy Temple on the place prepared by his father. The Arc of Testimony, which contained the Ten Commandments and which was kept in a tent up to that time, was placed in a room in the Temple.  (see I. Kings, Chapters V-IX.)

After the death of Hz. Sulayman, the kingdom was divided into two as Judah in the south and Israel in the north. (I. Kings, Chapters XI-XII., etc) Ten tribes became subject to the Kingdom of Israel and two tribes to the Kingdom of Judah. First, the Kingdom of Israel was demolished by Assyrians in 721 B.C.  Then, the Kingdom of Judah was demolished by Babylonians in 586 B.C. The Temple was destroyed and the Jews were deported to Babylonia. In the exile, the Jewish people gathered under Ezra and returned to Jerusalem in 538 B.C. The Temple was repaired after 520 B.C. (see Daniel, Ezra, Ester).

The holy book of Jews, the Torah, gives information about both the previous and later    prophets. Prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah were sent during the period of Babylonia Exile. Malachi is the prophet before Elijah-Messiah. 

According to Jewish history, Jerusalem was conquered by Antigonids and Seleucids after Alexander. The Temple was plundered in 168 B.C.. Maccabees established sovereignty but the period of Roman hegemony that started in 63 B.C. ended in 70 A.D. when the Roman commander Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. The Jews scattered all over the world. The Western Wall (Wailing Wall), which remained from the Temple, has kept their national and religious consciousness alive for centuries. The hope given by the Messianic faith has maintained the existence of this consciousness. (Şamil İslam Ans.)

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