Who abuses religion? What does to abuse religion mean? Which Islam exists in our life and to what extent?

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Who abuses religion? What does to abuse religion mean? Which Islam exists in our life and to what extent?

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We should often ask this question in terms reckoning our soul.

The question "Which Islam?" is important because of the movements, suggestions and comments that distort Islam under various foreign influences. A believer should check himself as often as it is necessary so as not to be alienated from the true Islam intentionally or unintentionally. Scholars and experts can learn and discuss the theological issues and the disagreements among madhhabs. For an ordinary believer, the criterion should be "Ahl as-Sunnah Islam"; and it is not difficult to learn it, to keep resources written according to all levels readily available and to ask the scholars if necessary.

Another question as important as this one is "how much of Islam exists in our lives".

The issue of how much of our lives Islam covers has been debated since we started to regard Islam as responsible for our own mistakes.

Islam encompasses every point of our lives; we cannot determine the scope of ​​permissibility (free, not a sin or thawab, worldly affairs); Islam determines it. For this reason, the area of permissibility is also included in Islam; it is subject to the control and determination of Islam.

In that case, a believer has to know whether every step he will take is in compliance with his religion or not and has to act accordingly.  It is called "istidlal" to refer to the resources and to try to understand it. When istidlal is completed, the stage of explanation and action starts; that is, the decree of religion is explained, and the decree that is known and explained is applied. A believer does it in everything; when it is necessary, he explains what he does and why. You cannot say, "You are abusing the religion" to a person who acts like that. On the contrary, it is necessary to say, "You are fulfilling your religious duty and worshipping."

What is abusing?

It is called "religious abuse" to use religion in order to deceive religious people, to be able to get easily what one wants from religious people and direct their love and hatred by a person who has some faults in belief and deeds and who does not normally act in accordance with religious rules.

Every believer, whatever his profession, position, rank is, acts in accordance with his belief without aiming to show off, to be noticed or to be praised under all circumstances; therefore, it will be a slander to say to him, "You are abusing religion."

The people who use religious rhetoric and actions in order to attain a certain purpose though their belief and normal life are away from religion are abusers of religion.


Hayrettin Karaman (Prof. Dr.)

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