When and why did the Prophet (pbuh) take Hz. Ali to his house to live with him?

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When and why did the Prophet (pbuh) take Hz. Ali to his house to live with him?

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The pride of the universe (PBUH) was 36 years old and it was 607 AD.

A harsh drought and famine began to appear in Mecca. Most families were in a miserable state as they were struggling to get by and Abu Talib’s family was one of them.

Our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) heart was like a fountain of compassion and mercy. He never forgot favors that were done for him. He never wanted to leave appreciation that had been shown to him unrequited; he possessed such a beautiful and incomparable nature.

Now, there was somebody who was having difficulty with his livelihood. Someone who did everything he could to help our Holy Prophet (PBUH)… someone whose compassionate wings our Holy Prophet (PBUH) had been under since his childhood: Abu Talib.

How could he be comfortable and not help his uncle who was having difficulty in earning a living? He immediately took action. He ran to his other uncle, Hazrat Abbas, who was well-off, and described the situation to him. He explained that it was necessary for them to extend their helping hands to Abu Talib, who was writhing in hardship so that they could reduce his burdens even if it was in a very small amount.

Hazrat Abbas happily accepted our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) offer and they both went to see Abu Talib. Their aim was to slightly reduce the number of the many individuals in his home; at least, they would lift some of the custodial responsibilities from his shoulders.

Abu Talib was pleased when they informed him of their intention. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) took Hazrat Ali (who he had named himself), and Hazrat Abbas took Hazrat Jafar under protection.

At that time, Hazrat Ali was either four or five years old. At this age, it was an incomparable privilege for him to be under the custody of the Pride of the Universe who decreed,

"I was sent to complete the high ethics”

From that day forward, he would be disciplined by our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and would immediately believe in Allah when he was invited. At the age of nine or ten, Hazrat Ali had attained the honor of being the first child to become a Muslim.

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