What is the wisdom behind Allah’s vowing by Himself by saying "by the Lord of the Throne" in the Quran?

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Vowing (swearing) is something that is used a lot by Arabs. They want to persuade their addressees by vowing and they also emphasize the holiness of the being that is vowed. The style of vowing is used along with other styles in the Quran, which was sent down in Arabic.  

Since a vow is taken by great, valuable and holy things, when Allah vows by His own attribute “the Lord of the Throne” when He addresses people, He wants to settle His greatness and holiness in hearts. Besides, vows are generally taken by Allah’s names and attributes in Islam.

People are not allowed to take vows by other things but Allah takes vows by some beings like the sun, moon, star, olive and fig in the Quran. Attention is attracted to the wonderful creation of those things and their benefits with vowing like that. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi summarizes the wisdom behind vowing like that as follows:  

“The wisdom behind the vows by the celestial bodies and the objects in the world that are worth vowing is to awaken those who are in the sleep of heedlessness because the vows/oaths included in the Quran are mallets that are hit on the heads of those who are in the sleep of heedlessness.” (Muhakemat, p.14)

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