What is the wisdom behind Allah’s addressing people by starting with the word "say"?

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- What is the wisdom behind Allah’s addressing people sometimes directly and sometimes by starting with the word "say"?

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Since the first addressee of the Quran is the Prophet (pbuh), the order “qul” / "say" exists implicitly at the beginning of the other verses too. That is, it can be thought that all verses start with “say”. The use of the word “qul” aims to confirm/strengthen the meaning.

Besides, it indicates that the Prophet (pbuh) is a conveyor who conveys the commands of Allah to people.

In some verses, the word “qul” is used to answer a question when there is a question in the agenda to tell the Prophet (pbuh) to convey them the answer: "Say to them/answer them…"

The ways of addressing in the Quran are not monotonous; they vary:

- The Quran sometimes addresses people in general and sometimes the address changes to singular: “O man!”

- Sometimes, the people of the book, believers, polytheists, etc. are addressed.

- The address is sometimes in the form of imperative and sometimes informing.

- Sometimes the third person and sometimes the second person is used in addressing.

There are various points and subtleties behind those different forms of addressing.

Detailed information can be obtained from the independent books written about the issue.

For more information, please click on the link given below;

The word "qul / say" is used 332 times in the Quran. What is the wisdom behind it?

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