What will happen when the Dajjal comes?

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What will happen when the Dajjal comes?
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Mankind has undergone a lot of dissensions, have seen Pharaohs, Nimrods, and Shaddads. However, none of them is as awesome as “the dissension of the end of time.
The dissension of the end of time is far more awesome than all of them.
The dissensions brought about by Dajjal and Sufyan (the antichrist of Islam) are the most awesome ones. Both of them induce people towards irreligiousness and destroy their Hereafter. Atheism strengthens in their time. Some people do not hesitate to declare their irreligiousness.
In a hadith that the following is stated:” Mahdi does not appear until Allah is denied openly and publicly.”1 Imam Rabbani says Mahdi will not appear until irreligiousness spreads all over the world and its authority is applied openly. He says Mahdi will come when the corruptions arise. 2
At that period, everything out of bounds of Islam will be in demand. “harams (forbidden things) are regarded as halal (lawful).” 3 Such a grievous corruption occurs that nobody can protect himself and it spreads over everywhere in an instant. 4
A great number of calamities and disasters appear as a natural result of this destruction. People start to look forward to a spiritual saver and then Mahdi appears.
Now, let us consider this perilous atmosphere which necessitates Mahdi’s appearance with the light of Hadiths.
Fights and clashes become widespread at full speed at the end of time. According to a narrative in Mustadrak, written by Hakim; Hazrat Ali talked about Mahdi as an answer to a question asked him and pointed out that people would be killed in his era. Additionally, he said, individuals would be killed because of saying “Allah”; Mahdi will appear in such a time. 5
According to what we learn from the hadiths the end of time is an age that people lose their humane feelings in one aspect and deteriorate extremely and most of the signs of the Doomsday arise.
Men resemble women at that period. The notables become subjected to their lust.; shedding blood is considered unimportant; religion is sold in return for worldly things. Relatives, kin, fathers, mothers are not given importance. People abstain from helping and nurturing the poor. Being benign becomes a cause of disgrace and cruelty becomes a cause of pride. Heads of the states become sinners; ministers become liars; administrators become faithless; helpful people are regarded as cruel; people reciting and memorizing the Quran are regarded as sinful and tyrannies are applied in public. Divorce rates increase, transgression and debauchery start, testimonies of false witnesses are accepted, lesbianism occurs, war booty is plundered. The Most Noble Messenger (PBUH,) says they are the signs of the Doomsday and adds “wait for the Doomsday” when they occur. 6
In a narrative, the terrible aspect of the end of time concerning the souls is pointed out: no one who is affected by this dissension will be able to restrain themselves. Therefore for one thousand four hundred years, by the command of the Prophet (PBUH), all the community of the Prophet (PBUH) has sought refuge in Allah from that dissension.
Dajjal arises in an atmosphere like this and starts his activities against Mahdi. Just at that moment, Hazrat Eesa (Jesus) descends from Heaven, meets with Mahdi and they perform their activities.
The Prophet (PBUH) states in another Hadith that a confused wretchedness will occur on the side of Maghrib (west), a fear will arise, a scarcity will cover, dissensions will rise, people will quarrel with each other and in an instant a man from the descendants of Hazrat Fatima will emerge and sustain the right way; his emergence will be the first sign of the Doomsday.
According to a Hadith narrated by Hazrat Ali,: “Four dissensions will occur; three of them will be on account of wealth, poverty and treasure (gold will be the cause), when the fourth breaks out, Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) explains how the reaction would be against it as follows: ‘A man from my descendants will emerge and Allah puts things in order by means of him.’” 7
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