What will be the rewards of the thinkers who did not believe in but who loved the Prophet a lot in the hereafter?

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“Belief cannot be divided.” That is, the principles of belief are a whole; if a person does not believe in even of them, it is enough for him to exit the religion of Islam. A believer who believes in Allah must belief in the Quran, His book, so that he can know his Lord based on true creed.

Human mind can know only himself and the creator of this universe but he cannot know the attributes, deeds, names, orders, prohibitions of the creator and the ways to Paradise unless Allah informs him about them. In that case, it is not possible to think of belief in Allah and belief in the Quran as separate things.

A person who believes in the Quran has to believe in the prophethood of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) and the angel of revelation, Jibril (Gabriel) too. That is the first and biggest step to belief in the prophets and angels.

A person who believes in the Quran and the Prophet believes in all of the truths informed by the Quran and taught by the Messenger of Allah (pbuh); he fulfills the deeds of worship.

It is not enough as belief to believe in Allah only or to love the Prophet (pbuh). It is necessary for a person to believe in all of the principles of belief in compliance with the criteria introduced by Islam. However, a person who loves the Prophet (pbuh) will be rewarded for that love even if he is not a believer. As a matter of fact, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi explains the reward Abu Talib, the Prophet’s uncle, will receive in the hereafter though he is not a believer as follows:  

"Abu Talib loved most earnestly, not the Most Noble Messenger’s (Upon whom be blessings and peace) messengership, but his person and his self. That most earnest personal love and tenderness surely will not go for nothing. Yes, Abu Talib loved Almighty Allah’s Noble Beloved sincerely and protected and supported  him;  it  was  because  of  feelings  like  shame  and  tribal solidarity that he did not believe in him in acceptable fashion, not out of denial and obduracy. If due to this he goes to Hell, Allah Almighty may create a sort of particular Paradise for him, in reward for his good actions. As He sometimes creates the spring during winter, and for people in prison by means of sleep transforms the prison into a palace, so too He may turn a particular Hell into a sort of particular Paradise. Wal-ilmu indallah (The knowledge of it is with God alone.). La ya'lamul-ghayba illallah (None knows the Unseen save God)." (Mektubat, p. 387).

The prerequisite for entering Paradise is belief. The love of a person toward the Prophet (pbuh) will not be unanswered; his penalty will be relieved even if he goes to Hell.

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