What should a woman do If her husband has more than one wife and doesn't treat them fairly?

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My husband has two more wives and didn't let me know when he married them. We don't want to get dirvorced. But the younger wife always thinks herself. What should I do if I don't want to divorce from my husband? What can I do when another wife only considers herself but no the others?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

In such a situation, it is the duty of husband to settle the matter. The intervention of the other wives can cause greater problems. The other wives should just request from their husband to protect their rights. If the husband is interested in one of his wives more than the others, he is considered to violate the rights of other wives.
The Prophet said:
If someone has two wives and he does not treat them fairly, he will be resurrected partly paralyzed in the Day of Judgment.” (Ibn Majah, marriage 47).
Islamic rules about polygamy
1) The limitation of the number: unlimited marriage that was prevalent during the time of Jahiliyya was taken under control. After the relevant verse was sent down, those who had more than four wives divorced the extras.
2) Treating wives fairly: it is necessary to treat wives fairly in terms of providing food, clothing, housing, sexual intercourse and love. However, it is almost impossible to treat them fairly in terms of love and affection. Various spiritual and physical features of a woman will bring about difference in the level of love and affection. No matter how hard a man tries, it is close to impossible to achieve equality.
God Almighty says:
Ye are never able to do justice between wives even if it is your ardent desire: but turn not away (from a woman) altogether, so as to leave her (as it were) hanging (in the air). If ye come to a friendly understanding and practise self-restraint, Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful.” (The woman: an-Nisa, 129)

In that verse of the Quran, Allah forgives men if they cannot show an exact equality toward women about love and affection. He just prohibits them from neglecting other wives by being completely interested in one of his wives and He orders men to try their best to act equally. In a Hadith, the following is stated about the issue:
If someone has two wives and if he is interested in one and neglects the other, he will be resurrected partly paralyzed in the Day of Judgment.” (Ibn Majah, marriage 47 Mishkatu’l-masabih, 2/196).

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