What should we do in order to perform prayers regularly and not to abandon prayers?

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- Why does one want to abandon prayer after he has just begun? What can he do to prevent it?
- Why does man keep away from prayer?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

If the soul, which was given to man for the test in the world, is not disciplined by divine orders, and if the human mind is put under the order of the soul instead of revelation, he may prefer the pleasure of five cents that is at hand to the pleasure of five million dollars to be given in the future.

Although people who know, recognize and accept Allah know that they should pray due to this heedlessness, they may act lazily and negligently to perform prayers.

However, if man meditates a bit, he will realize that prayer and even all of Allah's commands and prohibitions have aspects related to the world, as well as aspects related to the hereafter; they have numerous worldly benefits.

Examples of worldly benefits of some deeds of worship

Zakah: It is indispensable for social justice and equality of income distribution.

Fasting: It is very useful for the body and stomach that work 11 months speedily to rest and to get rid of the extra and unhealthy weight of the body.

It is obvious that Allah’s commandments like showing respect to parents, getting on well with neighbors, controlling one’s anger, not telling lies, not drinking alcohol, not gambling, not stealing and not killing, all of which are fard, have many benefits related to the world in addition to their tremendous benefits for the hereafter.  

Performing prayers properly and humbling oneself in prayer are indispensable for us: Some of the numerous otherworldly benefits of prayer are as follows:

- It is the key to Paradise.  
- It enables us to establish a direct connection with Allah.
- It makes us remember Him in every period of time for prayer.

In addition, it has numerous worldly benefits like the following:

- It makes us forget the useless worldly quarrels.
- It enables us to control our rage.
- It keeps us away from sins.
- It makes us suitable for divine help.
- It enables us to turn toward the truth.
- It makes our bodies move.
- It makes us clean ourselves five times a day.
- It helps us socialize as a congregation

The duty of Satan is to keep man, who is described as “unjust and foolish” in the Quran, away from the benefits mentioned above by using the soul of man too.  

Our duty is not to be heedless of Satan even for a moment, to fulfill Allah’s commandments for His consent, to know that those commandments have many immediate and future benefits that we know and we do not know while fulfilling those commandments.  

If we have this consciousness and convey this consciousness to the people around us, we may help those who neglect prayer to get rid of heedlessness.

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