What is the greatest boon Allah will give to people of Paradise?

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- Is the greatest boon Allah will give His slaves ruyatullah (seeing Allah)?

- Can there be a greater boon than that or not?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Allah will say to the people of Paradise, “O people of Paradise!” They will say, “O Lord! Labbayk!” 

Allah will say, “Are you pleased (with the boons I have given you)?” They will say, “O Lord! Why should we not be pleased since You have given us what You have not given to anyone of Your creation?”

Allah will say, “'Do you want Me to give you something better than that?” They will say, “O Lord! What is better than the boons You have given us?” Allah will say, “'I will bestow My consent upon you so that I will never be angry with you forever.” (Bukhari, Riqaq, 51; Muslim, Jannah,9; Tirmidhi, Jannah, 18)

It is understood from this hadith that the best boon/blessing is to attain Allah’s consent. 

We think it will not be wrong to list the levels of the boons to be given to the people of Paradise are as follows in the order from the lowest one to the highest one:

- The material boons that appeal to man’s bodily aspect.
- The spiritual boons like the spirit, mind and heart that appeal to his spiritual aspect.   
- The boon of ruyatullah (seeing Allah) that that appeal to his both bodily and spiritual aspects.
Allah’s consent and His guarantee that He will never be angry with them, which makes his both bodily and spiritual aspects overwhelmed with joy.

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