What is the advice of the Prophet to Abu Dharr?

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- It is said that Abu Dharr asked the Prophet to give him advice and that he received a lot of advice by saying ‘O Messenger of Allah! Increase your advice” after each piece of advice.
- What is that hadith narration and its source?

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The Prophet (pbuh) gave advice to Abu Dharr as well as many other Companions. Once Abu Dharr asked the Prophet to give him advice and the Prophet gave advice to him. He asked the Prophet to increase the advice after each piece of advice and the Prophet increased his advice.

The Prophet’s advice was as follows:

“- I advise you fear of Allah (to obey the orders and advice of the religion, to act meticulously related to avoiding harams and sins) because fear of Allah is the beginning of everything.

- Read the Quran as much as you can and remember Allah because remembering Allah is a light on earth and sustenance in the sky.

- Beware of laughing a lot because it kills the heart and removes the light from the face

- Do not give up jihad.

- Try to speak a little because it repels the devil from you and helps you to maintain your religion.

- Love the poor and live with them.

- Look at the people who are below you in terms of bounties and do not look at those who are above you. If you do so, you will appreciate the bounties of Allah to you.

- Tell the truth all the time even if it is hard.

- If you regard yourself as bad, it will prevent you from denigrating others.  

- Do not get angry when others commit the bad deeds that you commit. There cannot be a bigger mistake for you to denigrate others for a mistake that you yourself make and getting angry with others for a crime that you yourself commit.

- O Abu Dharr! There is no intellect like taking measures, no taqwa like avoiding what is forbidden and no honor like high ethics.” (Abu Nuaym, Hilya, 1/168; Kandahlawi, Fadailu Amal, p. 432-433; see Bayhaqi, Shuab, 4/242; Jamius-Saghir, 1/166)

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