There are those who claim that Pharaoh’s corpse had completely decayed?

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- There are those who claim that Pharaoh’s corpse completely decayed; I have a friend who claims that there are some human corpses that did not decay and that they were not miracles.
- He has done a lot of research regarding the issue. What satisfactory answer can I give him regarding the issue?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

- Those who claim that Pharaoh’s body completely decayed have no evidence other than “lying”. A lie never lives to be old.

Many people saw this corpse. One of them is Prof. Dr. Ahmet Apay. He himself told us about it. While he was a student in England, he saw the imputrescible corpse of Pharaoh, brought the information he gave and the photographs he took to Turkey; and the Zafer Magazine published it for the first time.

Afterwards, it was covered by the media and for many years; this miracle has been talked about since then.

-Besides, the feature that distinguishes this Pharaoh corpse from other Pharaoh corpses is that it did not decay though it had not been mummified.

- Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, who was informed that the body of Pharaoh was removed from the sea, stated without hesitation that this body belonged to Pharaoh, that it was taken out from the place where he was drowned and remained intact like a mummified corpse even though it had not been mummified. He narrated as follows that it was a miracle of the Quran as some “ghayb news”:

“And For example, by saying to the drowning Pharaoh: فَالْيَوْمَ نُنَجِّيكَ بِبَدَنِكَ ‘This day We shall save you in your body’ it is expressing a death-tainted, exemplary rule of the Pharaohs’ lives, which was, as a consequence of the idea of metempsychosis and mummifying their bodies, to take them from the past and send them to be viewed by the generations of the future. This present century a body was discovered which was the very body of Pharaoh, thrown up on the seashore where he drowned. The verse thus states a miraculous sign of the Unseen, that the body was to be borne on the waves of the centuries and cast up from the sea of time onto the shore of this century.” (Sözler, pp. 401-402)

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