There are many Muslim brothers around the world who suffer persecution. What must we do against the attacks on them?

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How should we react to the events that occuring in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or in any kind of place where it has higly islamic population. I want to go Jihad to there. Will I be responsible If I don't go for Jihad to these countries? Are we responsible for the attacks made on Muslims?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Every Muslim is responsible to fulfill his/her duties. The position that a person has in a society lays some burdens on him/her. Each Muslim is held responsible accordingly. There is a hadith about the issue: “When you see a mischief, change it with your hands if you can, but if not, then try with your tongue, if it does not work either, then disapprove it with your heart."

That hadith may not be interpreted by every person depending on their own understanding. For example, if we see something wrong on the street and dare to change it with our hands and beat the wrongdoer, and if the man sues us, then a punishment will be applied on us. So, in what way should we understand the hadith?.
It is the state’s duty to correct the mistakes by hand, through the personnel in charge for it. The scholars must do the warnings with their tongues and the third duty is for the others.
Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the State to help another Islamic State through war. The decision is to be taken by the State. But if the State decides for the war and orders us to join the battle, then we have to obey. If the Islamic States have a responsibility about the matter, the administrators are liable.
There are many Muslim brothers around the world who suffer persecution. What must we do against the attacks on them?
Everybody will give account for the things to the extent they are responsible or their authority reaches. In the medium that we live, since there is no war (May God secure all Muslims from it) we must thank Him we must not want a war because, the trouble should not be wished and the blessings need thanks.
As for the wars, we do not have the opportunity to go and help those Muslim brothers. They have no demand of troops from the Islamic world and thus it is difficult to determine where to gather and whom to apply. Besides, they do not need manpower because it is inconceivable that a whole nation cannot confront a handful of men. Firstly, they must come together and unite consciously. Provided that this is achieved, they will be victorious by God’s leave.
So, now, they need food, money for weapons and medicine, consciousness, and above all, they need sincere prayers.

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