Surah Al-Anbiya, Verse 35- “Every soul shall have a taste of death.” What does this verse mean?

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Surah Al-Anbiya, Verse 35- “Every soul shall have a taste of death.” What does this verse mean?
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This verse, explains the mortality of every created being. Every Human tastes death; similarly, our world also shall have a taste of death. We call the death of the world Doomsday.

The 68th verse of Surah of Az-Zumar, mentions about the sounding of the trumpet for twice. At the first sounding, all that are in the heavens and on the earth will be made stand up, except those that Allah does not wish. According to the narrations, the four important angles are excepted Gabriel (Jibrail), Michael (Mikail), Raphael (Israfil) and the angel of death Azrael known as (Malak al-Mawt). In some of the narrations, the angels which are called as “Hamala al-Arsh” (the carriers of the divine Throne) included in this exception.  

In the explanation of the 16th verse of Surah Al-Mumin, this narration is given:

After the Qiyamah, Allah (SWT) asks; “Who possesses the power today?” As there is no one to answer, He answers “It is (Allah) who possesses the name Al-Wahid (The One) and Al-Qahhar (The All Compelling Subduer).

The verse: “Everything (that exists) will perish except His own Face.” (Al-Qasas 88) can also be mentioned in this context

The event of Death is not the death of the soul but its departure from the body. Until the Qiyamah, souls will continue to live in a life which is called as barzakh (the intermediate of realm). The name al-Mumit (the Taker of Life) of Allah becomes manifest with the Doomsday. Then, the trumpet is blown for the second time and the bodies are returned to the spirits. Everybody gathers in Mahshar (Gathering Place)

Doç. Dr. Şadi Eren

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