Is something like being tested with ease in question?

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- The world is a place of testing. Does a test have to be difficult and troublesome? Is an easy test not possible?
- Does a test always include hardship?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

We are tested through hardship, trouble, poverty illness and death as well as abundance, welfare, health, large family, children and similar blessings.

What we need to do at least is to show patience in times of hardship and to thank Allah in times of welfare.

What we need to do ideally is to thank Allah under all circumstances because all circumstances are transient and they are predestined by Allah.  

We should not forget that the test of wealth is harder than the test of poverty because the reckoning of few things or nothing is relatively easy but the reckoning of every blessing will be hard.

We can imagine a questioning like this:

“O my slave!

I gave you money; what did you do with it?

I gave you health; what did you do with it?

I gave you children; how did you raise them?

I gave you knowledge; how did you use it?

I gave you courage; for whom did you use it?...”

As a matter of fact, the following is stated in a verse:

“Then, shall ye be questioned that Day about the joy (ye indulged in!).” (at-Takathur, 102/8)

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