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Hi if you could help me i am hanafi and praying behind imam we dont recite nothing only Thana and dua, what about the tashushud and durood do we recite or we stay slient during salah
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Dear Brother / Sister,

A person who follows the imam reads “subhanaka” and keeps silent. He does not read any other things. When he stands for the other rakahs, he does not read basmala. However, if he reads basmala, his prayer is not invalidated, but it is better not to read it. (Ömer Nasuhi BİLMEN, İslam İlmihali)

He should read the prayers and tasbihat while in ruku, prostration and while sitting and the takbirs while going to ruku and prostration. He should not read basmala, al-Fatiha and additional verses or a chapter while standing. When the imam says, ‘samiallahu liman hamidah’, he should not repeat it but say ‘rabbana lakal hamd’.

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