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After 4 days of menstruation if the bleeding stops, can a women perform gusl and continue with daily prayers or is it obligatory to wait for full 7 days to perform gusl and then only start with prayers.Pls advice.
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Menstruation is a natural type of blood that flows at regular intervals from a woman’s uterus after puberty. God has laid down certain rules in connection with this, as a concession to the woman, in consideration of her condition.

Menstruation usually lasts 3 to 10 days and nights, varying from woman to woman. Most women have a regular number of days for their monthly menstrual period. The number of days may fluctuate and the period might come a little early or a little late. So when a woman sees menstrual blood, she should consider herself to be menstruating. When it stops, she should consider herself clean. If more blood appears after her menstrual period has ended, but does not have the same color as menstrual blood, it should not be considered as menstruation.

So, after 4 days of menstruation if the bleeding stops, a women can perform gusl and continue with daily prayers, she doesn't have to wait for 7 days.

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