Is it true that Khalid bin Walid committed adultery?

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Is it true that Khalid bin Walid did not like Hz. Ali, that he complained about him and that he committed adultery with Ibn Nuwayra’s wife? Are the narrations in the resources regarding the issue sound or weak?

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They are not true, but slandering.

It is possible to answer the question through a few aspects.

Malik b. Nuwayra became a Muslim in the period of Madinah when he came to Madinah with a group from Tamim. He was appointed as the zakah collector of his tribe. He was a poet and warrior who was influential in his tribe and who was brave.

When Malik heard that the Prophet died, he returned the zakah goods to their owners; he exited the religion of Islam because he denied zakah and joined the apostates.

On the other hand, Khalid b. Walid, who was appointed as the commander-in-chief by Hz. Abu Bakr to fight apostates,swore that he would kill Malik, who was a brave warrior and who strengthened apostates.

One day, a military team of Hz. Khalid caught Malik b. Nuwayra and his eleven men and took them to the commander, Hz. Khalid. There was an argument whether Malik was an apostate (murtad) or not. Hz. Khalid believed that Malik was an apostate and had him executed. Thus, Malik's wife Mutammim and his children became slaves. Then, Khalid married Malik's wife Mutammim.

The Companions who believed that Malik was not an apostate complained to Hz. Abu Bakr about him. He questioned Khalid b. Walid regarding the issue. Hz. Khalid said that he had killed Malik due to a promise he had made and apologized to Hz. Abu Bakr.

Hz Umar held the view that it was necessary to have Hz. Khalid executed due to Malik.

However, Hz. Abu Bakr said retaliation was not in question for killing a person by mistake. Then, Hz. Umar made the following offer: "At least, he should be removed of his duty."

However, Hz. Abu Bakr opposed this offer by saying, “I will not sheathe a sword that Allah sent against the polytheists."

There is another important issue here. Sayf b. Umar, who was a historian belonging to the tribe of Sons of Tamim, made up unreal narrations and stories about the death of Malik b. Nuwayra ofthe tribe of Sons of Tamim.

Shiites did not hesitate to use thoseunreal narrations and stories against Hz. Abu Bakr and Hz. Khalid in the course of history. For, they regarded Hz. Khalid as a man of Hz. Abu Bakr; acting upon this view, they thought Khalid did not like Hz. Ali.

For, according to Shiites, since Hz. Abu Bakr did not like Hz. Ali, Hz. Khalid, whom they regarded to be a man of Hz. Abu Bakr, should not like Hz. Ali.

This is the real story in summary. (see Sarıcık, Murat, Dört Halife, Nesil Yayınları, İstanbul 2010,  p. 59- 60; Fayda, Mustafa, "Mâlik b. Nüveyre", DİA, XXVII, İstanbul 2003, p. 514- 515)

for more information, please click on the link given below;

What is the real story behind the incident between Khalid b. Walid and Malik b. Nuwayra?

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