Tamim ad-Dari (r.a.)

He was from Palestine. He was one of the notable scholars of the Christians. He went to Madinah from Damascus with a delegation to see the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) in the 9th year of the Migration; he became a Muslim after talking to the Prophet.

The Prophet asked them whether they wanted anything in order to make them love Islam. Tamim ad-Dari consulted his friends and they decided to ask the administration of the villages of Hebron, Mertum and Halilurrahman near Jerusalem. When they went into the presence of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), he told them about the decision they made as a miracle. Thus, their belief increased.

When Jerusalem was conquered during the caliphate of Hz. Abu Bakr, the administration of those places was given to Tamim ad-Dari and his family in accordance with the decree of the Prophet.

Tamim ad-Dari and the other representatives of his tribe lived in Madinah until the death of the Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet (pbuh) decreed that 100 camel-loads of dates from the revenues of Khaybar be given to them.

Tamim ad-Dari had brought some oil candles and olive oil from Damascus to Madinah. Once, he asked his servants to put those candles in the mosque. When it became dark, he had the candles lit. When the Prophet (pbuh) came to the mosque and saw that it was enlightened with candles, he became very happy.

He asked, “Who did it?” They said, “Tamim ad-Dari did it.”

Thereupon, the Prophet (pbuh) said to Tamim ad-Dari, “You illuminated Islam and beautified the mosque. May Allah illuminate you in the world and the hereafter!” Expressing his gratitude, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) also said, “If I had a daughter, I would marry her off to you.”

Tamim ad-Dari narrated several hadiths from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). One of them is as follows:

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “Islam will definitely reach everywhere having night and day. Allah will not leave any house and tent that Islam will not reach. Allah will honor those who want to be honored with this religion. He will despise those who want to be despised.”

Tamim ad-Dari (r.a.) died in Damascus.[1]


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