Is it Sunnah to talk while eating?

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Is it Sunnah to talk while eating?
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Imam Ghazali cited that it is appropriate to talk during meals without being silent and considered it a kind of table manners. (see Ihya al ulum, 1/7) However, he did not make a mention of any hadiths about the subject.

Generally, the views of scholars about this subject are as follows;

It cannot be said that talking is sunnah while eating because, there are neither any orders nor any prohibitions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on this subject. Thus it is good to talk when necessary and have a good conversation; however, it cannot be considered as a sunnah. (Muntada al-Fatawa Shariyya).

Especially when there is a guest, it is better to have conversation with him/her while eating. However, it is one of the table manners to talk after having swallowed the things that are eaten and drunk and when there is not any food in the mouth.

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