Could you please give information about the Tarawih prayer?

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Could you please give information about the Tarawih prayer?
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Nadr Ibn Shaiban (peace be upon him) quotes the Messenger Muhammad (upon whom be peace and blessing) as saying: “Allah Almighty has made it fard (obligatory) to fast in Ramadan. And I make it Sunnah to perform the Tarawih prayer and be awake in the night to read the Qur’an.”

Whoever sincerely fasts in the Ramadan expecting the thawab (reward) from Almighty Allah only, and is awake in the night performing the Tarawih prayer and reads Qur’an shall be purified from all of his sins like he was newly born.” (Nasai, Siyam: 40; Musnad, 1:195)   

The Tarawih prayer is a lovely worship which enlightens and gives meaning to the nights of Ramadan. The believers clean their hearts with this spiritual air.

Besides, at the table of iftar (fasting breaking dinner in Ramadan), one feels his movements are slower. However, thanks to the Tarawih prayer this distress disperses and digestion becomes easier. Man reaches freshness both bodily and spiritually.

 The Tarawih prayer is a “muakkad sunnah” (practices the Prophet always did) for all muslims, both men and women.

The Tarawih prayer is not the sunnah of fasting but the sunnah of the time. So those who could not fast due to sickness or travelling can perform the Tarawih prayer.

Performing the Tarawih prayer is like spending the whole night worshipping.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) states this truth as follows:

“The one who completes the Tarawih prayer to the end with Imam gets rewards as if s/he spent the whole night worshipping.” (Tirmidhi, Ibni Majah, Ibn Khuzayma)

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