Is it permissible for a man to go to the cinema with his wife/fiancee?

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Is it permissible for a man to go to the cinema with his wife/fiancee? Some scholars say that it is not permissible but some say it is permissible. How can we decide whether it is permissible or not?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is not forbidden to make or watch TV or computer programs, games which do not have unlawful content.

Both cinema and TV may be used for good and bad purposes. That is, the judgment depends on the usage. TV, itself is not directly unlawful. It is not haram (forbidden) to watch useful programs.

The issue has several aspects:

1- First of all, those movies should not contain obscene scenes, anti-Islamic views or behavior. Otherwise, it is not permissible to watch them.

2- The woman must obey the rules of veiling.

3- The man and woman who may legally get married should not sit very close to each other; their bodies should not touch each other.

We think that it is recommendable to prefer the harmless options. If we consider the cinemas and concerts of our day, it is hard to say, “there is no problem with going there”

However, if the aforementioned drawbacks are not present, then it is permissible to go to those places.

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