Is it permissible to eat the food of Alawites and the flesh of the animals slaughtered by them?

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Is it permissible to eat the food bought by the money earned by Alawites or the food prepared by Alawites?
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It is more appropriate not to talk about things that will cause conflict by dealing with madhhabs and sects like Shafii, Hanafi, Alawite and Sunni. The Islamic world needs peace and tranquility. Therefore, we will explain the decree without mentioning this or that sect by stating shortly who is and is not a Muslim:

A Muslim is a person who accepts Islam as a whole, primarily its orders and prohibitions and believes in it. That is, a Muslim is a person who accepts the orders like prayer, fasting, zakah, hajj, wudu, ghusl and prohibitions like murder, fornication, alcohol, interest and gambling. A person who does not believe in them is not a Muslim. A person who believes in them but does not act accordingly is a sinner but still a Muslim. If a person is not a Muslim but is from the People of the Book, - Jewish or Christian - , it is permissible to eat their food.

Since it is permissible to eat what Jews and Christians slaughter and cook, it is definitely permissible to eat what an Alawi slaughters. However, the flesh of an animal slaughtered by a person called an Alawi but who is an atheist cannot be eaten.

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