If a person marries the one with whom he fornicated, will the sins of fornication before marriage be forgiven?

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If a man has a sexual intercourse before marriage with a woman whom he wants to marry, will the sin of fornication be forgiven after marriage? Or does the relationship continue to be a sin of fornication?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

First of all, the approach “Allah will forgive anyway” when committing a sin is wrong. It is a great mistake to plan the sin with this approach. Allah knows the essence of the hearts; one should be sincere toward Him. However, a truly repentant servant who has committed adultery by yielding to flesh can hope for Allah’s forgiveness.

It is not enough for a person who fornicated to marry the person with whom he fornicated. He must also repent; and if he has violated her rights, he must ask her to forgive him. A sin is committed once and its sinfulness is once. If the sin is not forgiven, it is written down as a sin.

If a person repents and marries the person with whom he committed fornication, it is not regarded as fornication if he has sexual intercourse with his married partner after that.

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