How would you analyze Allah’s making deeds seem alluring?

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- How would you analyze Allah’s making deeds seem alluring in al-Anam 108 and an-Naml 4?
- ​How is it interpreted, especially in Tawilatul-Quran? Can you write about it?

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- According to some scholars, “Allah’s making deeds seem alluring” are the deeds that He ordered and rendered fard. Accordingly, “Allah’s making deeds seem alluring” in the verse means “the allure that keeps people away from cursing” about Allah. That is, Allah makes the good deeds that He ordered look alluring; He does not make forbidden and bad deeds look alluring. (Maturidi, Tawilatul-Quran, the interpretation of the verse in question)

“But Allah has endeared the Faith to you, and has made it beautiful in your hearts, and He has made hateful to you Unbelief, wickedness, and rebellion: such indeed are those who walk in righteousness.” (al-Hujurat, 49/7) It is emphasized in the verse above that Allah makes belief and good deeds seem alluring and that He makes unbelief and bad deeds seem hateful. (see Maturidi, ibid)

The following interpretations are also included regarding the issue:

a) Allah makes the good deeds that He ordered seem alluring to you; similarly, He also made them seem alluring to the believers before you.

b) We made some doubts around the deeds that We ordered to communities belonging to every religion seem alluring. Therefore, some of them deviated from the true path due to those doubts.

c) We showed both you and those before you strong evidences to confirm the truth. (see Mawardi, the interpretation of the verse in question)

According to another interpretation, Allah made the polytheists’ worshipping idols and following Satan seem alluring to them; He also made obedience and disobedience to Allah seem alluring to previous people in the way as they themselves wished. (Tabari, Baydawi, Maraghi, Ibn Ashur, the interpretation of the verse in question)

It is indicated in the chapter of an-Naml that “their bad deeds were shown to be alluring to those who do not believe in the hereafter”.

- Showing deeds alluring/embellished is related to creation. In other words, Allah created the souls and minds of people with the ability to accept both good and bad deeds - as a necessity of testing. (see Maturidi, Ibn Ashur, the interpretation of verse 4 of an-Naml)

To sum up: Allah is the Creator of both good and evil. He created people’s minds, hearts, spirits and souls with the ability to accept both bad deeds and good deeds.

- Making deeds seem alluring is attributed to Satan in terms of being a means. (an-Nahl, 16/63) It is also attributed to Allah in terms of creation because Satan cannot create but he can make bad deeds seem good with various tricks.

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