How should we struggle against the wrongdoings done to us?

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How should a person who cannot avoid a wrongdoing that is done to him pray and show patience, and can he get rewards for it, if yes, how?
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A person should prevent others from doing a wrongdoing and should prevent himself/herself from making an injustice to anyone. This is a duty. However, there are some Islamic rules regarding eliminating injustice made to us or others. They must be observed.

It is the order of our prophet (PBUH) to prevent any injustice or mischief through actions if not, verbally or otherwise from the heart. Our scholars explained this hadith as follows: it is the duty of the government or other officials to prohibit any “munkar” (mischief, bad deed) through actions. It is the duty of scholars or other officials who have knowledge to prevent that mischief verbally, and people who have no authority or power of knowledge should dislike it with their hearts; that is, they should disaffirm that mischief in their inner world.    

According to this, when a person is faced with an injustice, he/she should apply to officials to get rid of it and let the people who have authority to remove that mischief informed about it. After all, when all these efforts yield no result, then that person will have his right on the Day of Judgment in the Gathering Place.  

As for giving one’s blessing, it is a virtue; an individual may forgive indecent assaults that are made against him. People who do not retaliate equally or more against the injustices but choose the way of forgiving will definitely get the big reward in the hereafter. however, their rights are reserved. The choice is up to that person.   

One day, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned about a mansion while talking about Paradise. “There is a mansion in Paradise that stands on the air. There is neither a pillar on its ground nor a rope tied to the sky. “The companions asked in amazement. “O Messenger of Allah, if there is neither any pillar under that mansion nor any tie on it, how will the inhabitants of that mansion enter there?”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) smiled and said: “Just like birds perch on trees, the owners of that mansion will come by flying and enter it through its door; they will not need any stairs to enter.”

This beautiful mansion caught the attention of the companions. So they asked: “O, Messenger of Allah for whom is that mansion for?”

Prophet Muhammad (BPUH) said: “Those mansions are for the people who showed patience to the calamities they faced in the world.

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