How should I make intention (niyyah) when I want to make wudu in the bathroom?

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I have heard that in najis places (like a toilet or bathroom), it is necessary to make an intention for ghusl or wudu before entering a bathroom or toilet.
In that case, should I say the prayer to enter the bath first and then make intention for wudu and enter the bathroom? Or, should I make intention for wudu first and then pray to go to the bathroom? (Note: My bathroom is in the same place as the toilet.) Please explain how I should make intention. I am confused about it. I also experience short term memory loss. Sometimes I forget, but I remember again after a minute or two. In that case, should I repeat my intention though I remember it a few minutes later?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

In places where the toilet and bathroom are in the same place, there is usually no uncovered najasah (impurity). It is permissible to say prayers, to make intention for wudu and ghusl, and to utter bismillah in such places where there is no uncovered impurity.

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