How is it possible for me not to anger Allah?

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I was forced by my husband’s family to swear by the Quran; if I go to my parents’ house, I have to return, In my case... I really do not want it because my husband curses and swears; he has a second wife and is unfair to me. I swore by the Quran that I would not leave my husband and bring my children back after visiting my family. How can I break this promise without angering Allah?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

In fact, an oath can be sworn only by saying the names of Allah Almighty, like wallahi, billahi, tallahi. It is not regarded an oath to say for the Quran, for the Prophet, for the Kaaba, etc.

However, it is accepted as an oath to say for the right of the Mushaf (Quran) or to say for the right of this by putting one’s hand on the Mushaf as it is customary. Saying “Let the Quran strike me” and saying “May Allah be my witness” are also considered as an oath.

If you want to divorce your husband due to these faults, do not go to his house; you can expiate for your oath:

The expiation of the oath, respectively, is to give fitrah (alms) to ten poor people or to one poor person every day on ten separate days, or to feed or clothe ten poor people in the morning and in the evening. Those who cannot afford it have to fast for three days on end.

The expiation and the order are stated in the Quran. (al-Maida, 5/89)

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