FAQ in the category of Oath, Atonement

1 What happens if one does not keep his promises to Allah?

- If you promise Allah something although you know you will not be able to keep it, this is a bad situation which is sinful and has a responsibility.

However, for example the moment you say you will not commit a sin or make a mistake, if you are really sincere about it, then this is penitence and regret, which are good deeds. Committing the same sin again is of course a sin, but it is not another sin due to the unbroken promise he gave Allah before.

- However, if the promise we give is about abstaining from haram (illicit things), refraining from a sin, doing this sincerely is a duty. We will do this and we will beg Allah for His help so as not to do it again. To be able to keep this, it is important to prefer an environment or friends away from the sin in question.

If our promise is not about abstaining from haram, but doing a good deed or something licit or some deeds that are makruh tanzihi, we  should avoid giving such promises as much as possible because Satan and evil commanding soul will do their best to move our senses and motives related to the sin we repent. The fact that “forbidden things are charming” originates from this reality.

May Allah save us all from every kind of sins, from big ones and small ones and may He take us under His protection. Amin!