How did the first revelation affect the Prophet (pbuh)? How did Waraqa bin Nawfal explain the incidents that took place during the first revelation?

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How did the first revelation affect the Prophet (pbuh)? How did Waraqa bin Nawfal explain the incidents that took place during the first revelation?

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The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) shook with awe and excitement at having received a Divine revelation, left the cave, and went straight towards Mecca.

He encountered many peculiarities on the road. The mountains, rocks, and trees greeted him by saying, “Assalamu Alaykum Ya Rasullulah” (May peace be with you, oh Messenger) and congratulated him on his exalted duty.

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) arrived home. He had lost his breath in the face of the magnificence of this situation. All he could say to his faithful wife, Hazrat Khadija Kubra, who anxiously greeted him was, “Cover me! Cover me!” (Bukhari, 1/7)

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) who sought solitude at mount Hira was now in his home and was now alone with his thoughts.

He woke up a while later. Even if it was a very small amount, it was obvious that he had reached some level of comfort and peace. He narrated what had happened to Khadijah al-Kubra in detail and said,

“I am scared, O Khadijah! I am scared that I will be harmed!”

Those words of our Prophet definitely originated from his desire to feel safe regarding reaching the eternal happiness and honorable duty.

Hazrat Khadija possessed eminent capabilities as well as a level of understanding and discernment that qualified her to be the first wife of the most esteemed Prophet, whom she fully trusted. She affirmed the Master of the Universe’s (PBUH) wish about feeling safe with these words:

“There is no reason for you to feel any kind of fear or worry. Do not be sad, Allah will never embarrass a servant like you.

"I know that you always speak the truth. You perform duties that have been given to you and safeguard that which has been entrusted to you. You interact closely with your relatives. You treat your neighbors in a very kind and caring manner. You help the poor. You open your doors to strangers and entertain them as guests. You help the community during disasters and tribulations!"

"Oh my Uncle’s Son, persevere. By Allah, I hope that you are this community’s prophet.” (Bukhari, 1/7)

- How did Waraqa bin Nawfal explain the incidents that took place during the first revelation?

The Answer: Doubtlessly, everything that had happened was not insignificant and did have some meaning. It was up to Hazrat Khadija to learn by inquiring.

Whom could she go to? Who could understand these affairs? And whom could he trust in? Hazrat Khadija thought for a long time and finally determined the person whom she would consult with: Her uncle’s son, Waraqa bin Nawfal.

Waraqa bin Nawfal was an elderly man and a Christian in the pure sense. His eyes could not see yet his heart was enlightened. He read the Bible and Torah and had learned many things from them both.

Without wasting time, Hazrat Khadija went to go see her uncle’s son with our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Waraqa first listened to our Master (PBUH). As our Holy Prophet (PBUH) explained what had happened to him, Waraqa’s face was changing color. When our Master (PBUH) finished speaking, Waraqa exclaimed:

“Quddus! Quddus! The angel that you saw is the Holy Spirit, Namus al-Akbar, that the Exalted Lord sent to Prophet Musa. You are this nation’s Prophet. Ah! If only I were younger so that I could be with you when you invited the community to the truth. And if only I could live long enough to be of help when the tribe expelled you from your homeland.”1

These expressions comforted both Hazrat Khadija and our Holy Prophet (PBUH) to some degree. However, there was one thing that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not understand: Why would the tribe expel him from his homeland? Waraqa answered his question:

“Yes, they are going to expel from you from here since whoever has received a revelation has been the recipient of hostility. If I am able to reach the day when you will invite the community to truth then I will help you in every way I can.”2

Waraqa bin Nawfal was speaking the truth - a reality that had to be exposed…

After this, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Khadija left Waraqa bin Nawfal’s home.


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