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As you answered my last question, but I have a little confusion. You spoke only from Sunni sect on fostering. I want to get the Shaafi version as well. Besides you told me that if the milk reaches the abdomen of any child, then they can´t marry. But our mothers told us that they are not sure whether we sucked the milk or not as the incidence happened only once and for a short time. I also want to know whether there is any Halaal way so that we can marry as we love each other very much but I don´t want to do it illegally. Plz answer me quicly.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

- The Shafii madhhab is sunni, too. That is, it belongs to Ahl as-Sunnah.

- According to Hanafi madhhab, when a child suckles only once, the milk relation takes place. If the child has put the nipple in his/her mouth but if it is not known whether he/she has sucked milk or not, the milk relation does not occur, because a decree cannot be based on a suspicion. According to Shafiis and Hanbalis, suckling five separate times is necessary for the milk relation to occur.

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