Is the fasting performed as qada in the months of Rajab and Shaban also regarded as nafilah fasting? Can I perform both qada and nafilah fasting together? Or, do I have to perform qada fasting and nafilah fasting on separate days?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is not appropriate to be engaged in the calculation of thawabs in such deeds of worship. It is necessary to fast for Allah’s consent. Qada fasting cannot be compared to nafilah fasting. The thawab of qada fasting is much more than nafilah fasting. Besides, performing qada fasting in the months of Rajab and Shaban has a different beauty and thawab.   

What matters is to fast on those blessed days. It does not mean that fasting has fewer thawabs just because its name is qada fasting. The deed with the most thawabs is the one that is sincere and that is done only for the consent of Allah. It is not appropriate to be engaged in the calculation of fasting to obtain thawabs.  

It is necessary to perform qada and nafilah fasting separately. It is not permissible to make intention both as qada and as nafilah for the same fasting.  

You had better perform qada fasting first and nafilah fasting after that.

It is important to understand the meaning in fasting and to attain the consciousness of worshipping.

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