Is family planning forbidden in Islam or not ?

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Is family planning is forbidden in Islam or not ? if yes why? I think that this is a plan for the betterment of future generations and it is not elimination of generations.
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Family planning is not forbidden in Islam. That is to say contraceptive methods are permissible. However giving so much importance to this subject, our religion protects the child in the uterus till the child is born and burdens some responsibilities to the parents. It doesn’t’ permit to terminate the existence of the child in the uterus called “fetus” by propounding arbitrary and fictitious reasons although there is no real reason. It considers the ones performing such a crime as “murderers”. Because, “the fetus” is counted as a human being.

As a fetus is considered as a human being after it is animated; having a miscarriage, that is, having an “abortion” in medicine terminology is like killing an adult person. If the fetus isn’t animate yet, since having an abortion in this case is deemed as preventing an innocent from coming into the world, then again it implies a serious responsibility.

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