Does verse 6:125 contradicts chest gavity?

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I think that this verse says that your chest cavity gets smaller with higher altitude when in reality the opposite is true. Some sy it is how you feel, but all the translations I read it says that something physically happens.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

As it is stated in the verse two verses before the one in the question: “Thus have We placed leaders in every town, its wicked men, to plot (and burrow) therein: but they only plot against their own souls, and they perceive it not", the polytheists declared that they would not believe unless what was given to the messengers of Allah was given to them; they regarded themselves as deserving prophethood based on some so-called apparent reasons.

This verse shows that Allah's universal laws, which are absolutely valid in the universe, are also valid in the life of belief and deeds of man; they are the essential and real reasons beyond all apparent reasons. Based on His universal rules, Allah opens a person's heart to Islam if He wants him to attain guidance, makes him love and accept Islam. If He wants a person to remain away from the truth, He gives his heart distress and trouble that will prevent him from adopting and accepting the truth.

It is interesting that the psychological state of the people in the second case is likened to the physiological distress of the people who ascend to the sky. For, as it is known, as one ascends to the sky the air pressure decreases and it becomes difficult to breathe as the altitude increases. It is a definite miracle of the Quran to express it clearly in a time period when such a law of nature was not known.

Another important point like this is the perfect diagnosis and concise description of the psychological troubles and dilemmas experienced by the people who are influenced by negative thoughts.

Accordingly, the unbelievers who are affected by the psychological motives like ill will, jealousy, obstinacy, pride and arrogance, and the ambition of pleasure and interest sacrifice their minds for their emotions. As they insist on doing it, they experience trouble and unease, in the presence of Muslims, that gradually increase like the people who have difficulty in breathing as they ascend. They gradually move away from thinking soundly on the truth and guidance. Description of Islam bothers them and increases their obstinacy and denial. It leads them to unjust deeds. Thus, they gradually lose the opportunity of attaining guidance, which means eternal life and salvation.

It is an inevitable situation caused by the universal laws of Allah for those who are the slaves of negative emotions and ambitions, and ill will.

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