Does a person who believes have to utter kalima ash-shahada (say it in Arabic)?

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If a person utters in his own language that he accepts the existence and oneness of Allah, and the prophethood of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh), but if he cannot utter kalima ash-shahada in Arabic, is he regarded as a Muslim?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Belief is something related to the heart. Therefore, a person who believes inthe existence and oneness of Allah, and the principles of belief, he is a believer even if he does not utter kalima ash-shahada.

Belief is a property belonging to the heart; therefore, it is not necessary for a person to express his belief by his tongue in order to be a believer. That is, he is a believer if he believes with his heart but does not utter it with his tongue. Therefore, he does not have to utter his belief by his tongue, and witnesses are not necessary.

If a person says by his tongue that he believes and practices all of the orders of Islam but does not believe by his heart, he is not regarded as a believer in the eye of Allah.  If a person whom we know as an unbeliever andhave buried in the cemetery of unbelievers has died as a believer, he is a believer in the eye of Allah though he is an unbeliever in our eye. That is, what is essential is what is in the heart.   

However, it is sunnah for a person who believes by the heart to utter it by the tongue. It will be appropriate for him to say that he is a believer and inform others about it so that other believers will have good thoughts about him, apply the decrees of Islam to him in his life and when he dies.

On the other hand, when a person does the things that are regarded as signs of being a believer and a Muslim, people will be witnesses for him. If a person who is not known to be a Muslim is seen while performing a prayer even once, Islamic decrees are applied to him and he is buried in the cemetery of Muslims when he dies. For, prayer (salah) is among the signs of Islam.

That is, the most important issue for a person is to believe by the heart. It is Sunnah for himto utter it by the tongue. The existence of witnesses is important in terms of applying Islamic principles. 

From this point of view, the belief and Islam of a person who conceals that he is a believer due to various reasons and who practices Islam secretly is valid.

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