Do you know anything about the end of Addas, the slave, who treated grapes to the Prophet in Taif?

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There are two different narrations regarding the issue in Waqidi's book called al-Maghazi.

According to the first narration, when the polytheists were making military preparations to take part in the Battle of Badr, Addas saw that his masters, Utba and Shayba were repairing their weapons and armor and asked them why they were doing so. They said,

“Once, a man had come and stopped at our orchard in Taif and we had sent you to treat him some grapes; we are getting ready to fight that man." Thereupon, Addas said to them,

“By Allah, he is a prophet; never fight him." However, they did not heed his words and took part in the battle. Addas did not want to take part in the Battle of Badr but he had to go with his masters. He was killed during the battle together with his masters. (Waqidi, al-Maghazi, p. 29)

According to the second narration,

Addas stopped somewhere on the way to Badr and when Utba and Shayba arrived, he hugged them and said to them, " By Allah, he is a prophet; never fight him. By Allah, you are running toward death." When they heard the famous dream of Atika, Utba went to his brother Shayba and said, "That dream shows that what Addas says is true." Then, they decided to return. However, Abu Jahl followed them and forced them to take part in the battle though they did not want to. However, Addas returned and did not take part in the battle. According Waqidi, the second narration is stronger. (ibid, p. 30-34 – al-Maktabatush-Shamila; A. Köksal, İslam Tarihi, II/113)

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