Do some the decrees of our religion change as the conditions of time change?

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- For instance, is it permissible to perform fard prayers fully, not as two rak'ahs, while travelling since it is easy?  
- Are there any other decrees that change and that we do not know? 

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The decrees of the Quran and hadiths are permanent; change in conditions does not change the validity of those decrees.

The hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) are always valid in terms of decree. However, the circumstances of the community are determinative for the application of that decree.

For instance, the Prophet (pbuh) prohibited visiting graves in the first years of Islam. Afterwards, when the belief of oneness settled, he allowed people to visit graves. Nowadays, if there are idolatrous societies that regard graves as holy, and if they embrace Islam, the same method will be applied for them. First, these people will be prohibited from visiting graves; it will be allowed after the belief of oneness settles in that community.

In addition, once, the Prophet (pbuh) prohibited people from keeping the flesh of the sacrificed animals at home for more than three days. For, there was a famine in that year and many people could not find food. However, when the famine ended the following year, he allowed people to keep the flesh of the sacrificed animals at home as long as they wanted.

All of these examples show that the decree of no hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) was annulled; every statement and deed of the Prophet (pbuh) will be practiced if the circumstances are appropriate.

The criterion for the prayer of a traveler was imposed by the Prophet (pbuh); therefore, it is not changed. For, if there is nass related to the decree of an issue, ijtihad is not made about it and views are not expressed. The reason for shortening prayers while travelling is journey, not difficulty.

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