Do Palestinian lands belong to Jews or Muslims?

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- Who has the right to Palestinian land? Jews or Muslims?
- Does it not belong to the nation of Prophet Musa (Moses), i.e., Jews?
- (Al-Maida 21):
(The Prophet Moses called to his people:) “O my people! Enter the holy land (Jerusalem and its surroundings), which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin.”
- Are the people of Prophet Moses (pbuh) in Palestine not Jews?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

1) There are three views on the place translated as “holy land” in the verse:

a) What is meant by it is Baytul-Maqdis. In other words, the place where Masjid al-Aqsa is located and its immediate surroundings.

b) What is meant by it is the lands of Damascus, Palestine and some of Jordan.

c) What is meant by this is the Damascus region. (see Mawardi, Baydawi, the interpretation of the verse in question).

2) What is meant by the phrase “Allah hath assigned unto you” uttered by Moses is the holy places - such as Arab regions in Hejaz and its surroundings, Syria and Palestine - promised to the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) by Allah.

An important point is this: These regions and towns that Allah promised to the Prophet Ibrahim are not a property that will remain in their hands forever, but a promise to them to settle there.

The claim of the Jews that the “holy lands” were promised to them by Allah through ownership and that no one can own them is completely wrong. This claim is also contrary to historical facts. As a matter of fact, “Allah never fails in His promise.” (see Tafsirul-Manar; Maraghi, the interpretation of the verse in question)

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