Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) see Allah (SWT) during Mir'aj (Ascension)?

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Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) see Allah (SWT) during Mir'aj (Ascension)?
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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saw Allah (SWT) during mir'aj (Ascension).

Jibril (PBUH) took our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and rose from the seventh level. Afterwards, the Sidra- al -Muntaha’s (the seventh heaven) court opened. “Here, this is Sidra-al- Muntaha. I will burn if I move forward by the length of a finger tip,” said Hazrat Jibriil and did not take one step forward.” Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) saw Sidra-al-Muntaha’s four rivers flowing. Furthermore, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) again saw Jibriil (PBUH) in his true shape and form. Before, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) had seen Hazrat Jibril covering the skies with his majestic wings in the spot called Jiyad in Mecca where a revelation was revealed. 

Afterwards, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) went to the “station that was marked ”Qab-al-Qawsayn,” the distance of two bow-lengths even though Hazrat Jibriil was not by his side. And after that, he witnessed Allah’s beauty and conversation first hand.

Hazrat Sulayman Chelebi, the author of the “Mawlid” describes this incident very clearly:

While talking with Jibriil

A Heavenly Mount came before him and saluted him.

It took the King of the World then

From Sidra and left quickly

At that moment, a space was seen

There was neither place, nor the Earth nor skies

That place was neither empty nor full

The mind cannot understand that situation

Seventy thousands curtains were opened

The light of oneness drew the curtain on his face

Whenever he passed a curtain,

He was summoned, “O Muhammad, come here”

He proceeded after seeing all of them

He reached that High Personality

That Lord of Majesty, who is free of six directions

Showed him His face in an indescribable manner

Anyway, the Sultan who saw everything truly

Looked at God Almighty carefully

He saw the Lord of Majesty clearly

His ummah will see him like that in the hereafter

Without any letters or sentences, the Sultan

Said to following to him

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