Did our Prophet (pbuh) ever pray (perform salat) without covering his head or wearing a cap or turban?

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Did Rasool Allah (pubh) offered salah without covering his head or wearing a cap. Is there any hadith which says to cover your heads while offering salah?. If Rasool Allah did not offered salah without covering head then it is biddath to offer salah head uncovered?
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Wearing a cap (one worn by Muslims especially in prayers) is a sunnah (the practice of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh). It is makrooh (religiously abominable) to perform prayers (salat) without wearing caps, deeming it troublesome to carry a cap or not considering it important. However, it is a sunnah to keep one's head covered during prayer (salat). Besides, some scholars have regarded it as good to pick the cap which falls during prostration to the ground and to put it back on the head, without performing much action (for instance, with one hand). It is not makrooh not to cover the head because of a valid excuse. In addition, there are those who say that there is no harm in not covering the head with the intention of humility and deep reverence for Allah. It is also sunnah to wrap a turban over the cap in prayers. The Prophet said: “The prayer which is performed with turban is 70 times more meritorious than the prayer performed without turban.” (Taj). According to some scholars, in place of turban, a cap may be used to cover the head.
The Prophet wore lined or unlined caps. Those made in Damascus would be white and without lining (Abu Shayh, p. 118). Ibn-i Umar informed that in campaigns the Prophet wore cap with projecting parts over ears (Ali al-Kârî, I, 204.).

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