Could you please give information about Juwayriya bint al-Harith b. Abi Dirar, Hazrat Prophet’s wife?

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Could you please give information about Juwayriya bint al-Harith b. Abi Dirar, Hazrat Prophet’s wife?
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Juwayriya bint al-Harith b. Abi Dirar (d. 56/676) Hazrat Prophet’s wife.

She was born circa 607. She is the daughter of Harith b. Abi Dirar, the chief of Bani Mustaliq branch of the Khuzaa tribe. She was married to her cousin before she married the Prophet in the 5th year of Hijrah (626-27). Her marriage to the Prophet took place as follows: The Sons of Mustaliq started to get ready to fight against Muslims before the Battle of Handaq. When the Prophet found out about it, Muslims attacked them and defeated them in the Battle of Bani Mustaliq. Hundreds of captives were caught and taken to Madinah; they were given to the soldiers who took part in the battle. Juwayriya, who was only twenty years old and whose husband died in the battle, was given to Thabit bin Qays bin Shammas or his cousin. After determining the amount of money with Thabit bin Qays to be paid in order to be freed from slavery, she went to the Prophet, introduced herself and asked him to help her with the money. Then, she accepted the proposal of the Prophet, who paid the necessary money for her freedom, and married him. According to another narration that is reported from Juwayriya herself, her father came to Madinah in order to save his daughter; he paid the money and then married her off to the Prophet. Another narration from the freed slave of Juwayriya confirms it.  

The Muslims who heard that the Prophet married Juwayriya freed all of the slaves belonging to the Sons of Bani Mustaliq in order to please the Prophet. This marriage ended the enmity between the Muslims and the Sons of Mustaliq; it is understood that the real aim of the Prophet in marrying Juwayriya was to make the Sons of Mustaliq approach Islam. The fact that the Sons of Mustaliq embraced Islam after this marriage proves it.

The name of Juwayriya before she embraced Islam was “Barra”, which means a “righteous, good woman”. The Prophet, who regarded such names as people considering themselves as very good people and did not like it, changed her name to Juwayriya, which means a “little girl”. According to what Hazrat Aisha reports, Juwayriya was very keen on worshipping. 

Juwayriya reported seven hadiths from the Prophet. On of them is in Sahih- al-Bukhari, and one of them is in Sahih Muslim. Companions and their successors like Ibn Abbas, Jabir b. Abdullah, Ibn Umar and Mujahid b. Jabr reported hadiths from her.

Juwayriya died in the month of Rabiul-Awwal in 56 in Madinah. (DİA. Cuveyriye binti Haris Item)

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