Can you give some information about listening to Surah Al-Kahf on Friday?

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Assalamu 'Alaykum, I wanted to know that can one listen to Surah Al-Kahf on the Friday before khuthba? What happen if some women are not able to touch Qu'ran whilke they are in the state of menstruation. Because one of my friend she liatens to Surah Al-Kahf on friday. I wanted the correct opinion.
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Dear Brother / Sister,

There is a great reward for reading the Surah (chapter of the Holy Qur'an) of The Cave (al-Kahf) on Friday or other days; however, reading it on Friday has more rewards.

Woman at the state of menses and childbed cannot touch or read the Quran but she can listen to the Qur’an. In addition, she could recite Surahs such as Fatiha (The Opening Chapter), Nas (Humankind), and Falaq (The Daybreak) with the intention of supplication.

There are some Hadiths (saying of the Prophet Muhammad) expressing that reading the Surah of The Cave on Friday night and day has many rewards.

For example: “He who reads the Surah of The Cave On Friday night, is brightened up with a light from the ground to the heaven in Doomsday. His minor sins, which are committed between two Fridays, are forgiven.” (For different narrations, please see at-Targhib wa't-Tarhib, Kitabu'l-Juma, 1/512-513)

Two of the other Hadiths about the Surah of The Cave are as follows:

“Usayd b. Hudayr, companion of the Prophet, recited the Surah of The Cave (in his prayer), and in the house; he had a horse. Just then, the horse got frightened and started jumping. So, Usayd prayed as “O Lord! Protect me from the disaster”. Immediately, a mist or a cloud hovered over him. Then, Usayd informed the Prophet Muhammad of that incident and The Apostle and Prophet of God said “O so-and-so! Recite, for this (mist or cloud) was a sign of peace descending for the recitation of Quran”. (Bukhârî, Manâqib, 25; Bukhârî, Fadâilu'l-Qur'ân, 11; Tirmizi, Fadâilu'l-Qur'an, 6).

The Prophet Muhammad said the following: “If anyone learns by heart the first ( in another narration “ the last”) ten verses of the Surah of The Cave, he will be protected from the Dajjal.” (Muslim, Musâfirûn, 257; Abu Dâwud, Manâhim, 14; Tirmizi, Fitan, 59; Ibn Majah, Fitan, 33).

Yet, we need to be careful at some points during the assessing of those narrations which are for encouraging people.


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