Can the dead body of a Muslim be buried in a Christian cemetery?

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Can the dead body of a Muslim be buried in a Christian cemetery?
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In terms of religious and traditional applications, a person is buried in the cemetery where the dead bodies of the people with the same religion were buried before.

Throughout history, the cemeteries of Muslims have been formed in different places from Christian and Jewish cemeteries. The religion of Islam has applications regarding washing, enshrouding and burying the dead body, visiting cemeteries and praying peculiar to itself. they have been our culture. Cultural erosion and loss of identity can bring about disadvantageous outcomes for a nation.  

Therefore, there is no drawback to a Muslim cemetery being in the same parcel of land as a non-Muslim cemetery but it is not appropriate to bury Muslims and non-Muslims in a mixed way.   

Therefore, Muslims living abroad must try to establish their own cemeteries and bury the dead bodies of Muslims there. If it is not possible, and if the dead body cannot be transferred to another place, it can be buried in a separate corner of the Christian cemetery.

Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs Fatwa Committee

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