Can bread and food leftovers be poured into the sink?

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Can bread and food leftovers be poured into the sink?
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The boon that needs to be appreciated and respected the most among boons is bread. It is definite that bread, which was described as "the best food" by the Prophet (pbuh) (1), is the main food item at the table. The Prophet (pbuh) stated the following:

“Show respect to bread because it is from the abundance of the earth and the sky.”

He also stated that those who did not appreciate bread would be tested by famine:

“Allah Almighty will inflict famine upon a nation that disrespects bread.” (2)

It is clear how significant those hadiths are and what an important message they give to the people of especially this age. We need to appreciate bread and should not waste even a small bit of it so as not be hit by famine and so that the treasure of abundance will not be closed.  

However, it is permissible to pour the crumbs that cannot be eaten and dishwater containing food leftovers into the sink due to a necessity. 

On the other hand, the food that went off and the leftovers that are unhealthy can be thrown into the garbage if it is not possible to give them to animals. For, they are no longer regarded as boon.


(1) Kanzul-Ummal, 6 :194. (Musnad marginal notes)
(2) Badrul-Muttaqa, 2:525. (Majmaul-Anhur marginal notes)

(see Mehmed PAKSU, Çağın Getirdiği Sorular)

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