Can the answers you give be taken as fatwa ?

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Jazakallah for answering my question regarding "Selling Revealing Type Ladies garments to nonmuslim countries" you have said that it is permissible but according to some people if a trader realises that the goods he sells will probably be used for haraam purposes, then he should not sell them. Can you please give some hadiths in the light of which this business is permissible as you have stated ? Can the answers you give be taken as a fatwa ?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Harams are evident in our religion (Islam). All Halals cannot be stated one by one. Here is the rule; If there isn't any judgemet or a rule against something in Islam then it is considered Halal. We only express Fatwas that were given beforehand, so you can take them. If you have any questions or suspicions, you can ask us.

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