After which incident did the Prophet (pbuh) give Hz. Abu Bakr the name "Siddiq"?

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After which incident did the Prophet (pbuh) give Hz. Abu Bakr the name "Siddiq"?
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Among the Meccan community, there were those whose hearts had warmed up to Islam; however, they were puzzled when they heard about the Miraj. Upon hearing this news, they immediately ran to Hazrat Abu Bakr and said,

“O Abu Bakr! Are you aware of the news regarding your friend? He says that last night he went to the Baytu’l Maqdis, prayed there and returned to Mecca.”

Hazrat Abu Bakr asked, “Did you hear this from him?”

They replied, “Yes, we directly heard it from him.”

Hazrat Abu Bakr responded, “By Allah, if he said this then it is undoubtedly true. Do not be at all surprised by this!”

Afterwards, he got up and went straight to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and asked him,

“O Allah’s Apostle! Did you tell the community that you went to the Baytu’l Maqdis last night?”

When our Holy Prophet (PBUH) replied “yes,” Hazrat Abu Bakr said “You speak the truth, I testify to you being Allah’s Apostle.”

Upon this, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) responded, “O Abu Bakr, you are Siddiq (The Truthful) in any case.” (1)

From that day forward, Hazrat Abu Bakr was referred to as “Siddiq.” Siddiq means being undoubtedly and completely truthful…

1. Ibn Hisham, Sirah, V. 2, p. 40; Ibn Sa’d, Tabaqat, V. 3, p. 170.

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